Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memories are lies that you can't pretend never happened


Poison Kills the Princess 
have released 
a new music and a new video.
You have not been paying attention
and now you
will suffer the consequences.

This one's brand new:

And this one has been lurking:

And there is a video:

Friday, February 14, 2014

Over a year

There might be new music from Poison Kills the Princess, but not now and for you!
For now, go back to that page and listen to everything again! This time with headphones. (You're welcome!)
There is a new video for a reworked version of the song Tamarind. Go watch it!

Now enjoy these pictures, or else!

Just one more thing...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Poison Kills the Princess videos!

That's right! The band in your delusions has two new videos!
What? You haven't heard them yet? Listen to them:
Really digs into your skull, doesn't it?

Watch these...



Thursday, November 1, 2012

Everybody loves cute puppies and drooling cats!

More writing, more pictures. Nothing important to anyone but me. But you want to look, you want to read. The cute sick puppy compels you.

Job hunting ballet
Hidden deep in the Jungle
Countless exhibitions have failed
To bring back even one petal
Nothing tangible
Only allegory and fabrications
Chanted by elders to the young.
Generations of myths woven
An endless tapestry
Telling tales
Incapable of being forgotten.
The integrity of belief
On Hope and Ego.


I’m waiting for you outside
and it’s cold in the sun
But I am patient, like time.
The moments are always the same and bright
and never not only one.
So now I wait with tears turned stars,
only for me. Alone.
But never alone.

Torn from moment to moment
Humming bird, brain fart
This is the middle
Of the shift, all dizzy.
Blind to nothing, but
Unable to see anything, but
I need to stop looking
Need to redirect
Need to focus
Need, deep breaths.
Stop panting
Stop shaking
Deep breaths
Stop twitching.
To the rhythm inside
Unaware of the noise
Just the task at hand.
Reckless moments need to stop
This teetering is not acclimating
The offers of endless wisdom
The volumes of tranquil Now,
Repeating over and over again.
Now is.

The regeneration generator
Will not ignite, the switch is broken.
The doors are swollen, bloated and in the way.
Tripping over limbs must look like dancing from outside.
The reality is that the suffering of others is
Pleasing to view from the observation area.
Waiting turns to watch the next one in line shot down
Makes you smile as a mechanism fires a bolt between the ears.
I’m sick of honesty! I’m sick of having no one
To tell the truth to! I’m sick of being.
Remove from within the mess. Remove the layers of humanity
I don’t want to feel like this anymore, but nothing seems to change.
The world can be a beautiful place when you are a part of it.

This Golden Age
Of decay we stand proud
Against a backdrop of god and glory.
Abundance is the light of desire
In these times of change.
These words used to come so easily,
But I allowed you to beat them out of me!
No longer will this dam stand, holding back the blood in my body.
The walls are broken or breaking
The air is vibrating
The mood is changing.
Necessity supersedes desire
In times of suffering
Split not twice.

I would like to fall apart
I would like to touch your heart
I would like to be able to feel
I would like some more time to heal
I would like the world to stop
And when it does, I’d like to quietly get off
I would like to live a lie
And I would like to touch the sky
I would like to see the truth
I would like to not get hurt.
          I would like to find
          Your palace in the sky
          Grab you by your throat
          And throw you back to Earth
          And show you what you’ve done
          What you did to us first
And cannot be undone.

The last drops of blood drip out of the radio
Static means not moving
Frozen in space
The echo of silence beating against itself
Bruised beyond awareness.
The magnitude of disbelief
Turning over and over
          Rhythmic like an unbalanced washing machine
          And the scream
          Is in you.
Within that important place
Behind someone else’s eyelids.
And temptations flicker on and off
A celebration of inspired ideas
Exploding in the distance
The faint smell of burnt hotdogs,
Manure, gasoline, cigarettes
And maybe a little vomit and weed.

This is more than real
Say it,
Now as forever
This is the world
In a word
Sent down from under the parting folds in heaven
The triumphant return
Of dynamic creation.
That first one was fake,
Because faking it somehow gets you
In the mood.
But every single time after that
And until you were collapsed
And done
Were waves of electric light and
Touch shattering across touch
And connecting to our own universe
I know you feel it too.

Lips press down upon lips
Pressing hard against lips
And gasping for air between lips
That grinds and melts into lips
Longing to feel the pressure of my lips
Feeling the pressure of your lips
Pushing up forcing down
The volatile combination of passion and
Exhaustion, lust and pre-dawn inebriation.

Beautiful and decadent,
Dirty and sublime.

The reason I care
I’m such a bitter jaded fuck
Ugly, like after the war.
In life, these things are simple:
The ugly prophet and the truth
Teacher and student,
Seeking symbols to translate meaning
To other worlds, so that even when no one cares,
We all have the ability to understand.
The deception is blatant
Nothing is as simple as it seems.

The electronic hiss and buzz of static
Across the terminals of silence
This is a conception,
An epiphany.
It is a chorus of angels
Singing silent hymns to the creator of your choice.
It is blood from the eyes
as you stare into the sun.
It’s the silver scream of the moon
As she impales herself on the Earth
Over and over again.
This sound is inside
It is our link
With what was and will be.
But it’s not quite now.
We have all seen each other
From the inside.
That is why we can’t view each other from the outside.

12/19/00 1:17PM
Spent the last 15 minutes
 In bed,
Thinking… about getting up
Thinking… about not wanting to move.
          Demotivated makes me feel devalued
          Deactivated, machine whirring slowly to a halt.
          Deflated position becoming an option
          With great disregard to the sender.
A foreign language appears on the walls
(In black and white)
The subject quietly changed to
As whispers slink across the floor
To rest at my feet.
The wonders of modern machinery
And the miracles of science
Curiosities that are yet to appear
And a magical connection
Between heart and eyes.